One mailbox at a time

Problem: Neighbor Margie’s mailbox came off of its post today; the thing’s probably been there for 40+ years. Margie’s arm is in a sling, so all of a sudden a “little” thing like getting the mail is a lot more difficult.

Solution: Neighbor Laura already had her tools out – she’s building a fence around their patio. At Susan’s suggestion I went out to help – brought my little 10mm cordless drill and a couple of mismatched screws. Laura’s cordless drill was twice the size of mine, and her pockets were full of wood screws and bolts and washers, but she was kind enough to allow me to feel like I was helping. Without a single trip to the hardware store we were able to remount the mailbox – and the door even opens most of the way.

Conclusions: Sometimes it’s the little things. One mailbox never stood a chance against two determined neighbors. And sometimes it’s helpful to think that building and rebuilding neighborhoods can start with just one mailbox.


One response to “One mailbox at a time

  1. Hey Tom, I can’t believe you got this up so soon!
    I was half kidding about our project making it on to your blog, so I was absolutely delighted to see that you had done it. What a sweet little story, thanks so much. Believe me, this was teamwork at its very best. I love your blog. The kid stories and quotes are precious and so familiar. I am with you on the “mushbrain” speaker thang…geez when is that awful fad going to end. I am on now to read about your politics and then road trip. Thanks so much for putting this together. It’s wonderful. You and Susan are the glue in this neighborhood. I had a great walk with her yesterday and such a lovely talk. After I got through coughing up my lungs from our ascent up the stairs, I said to myself, “we’ve got to do this more often–good neighbors like this are so incredibly rare”. Now, as I read this blog, my leg muscles are happily sore and telling me that they could use this kind of excercise on a more regular basis. Do come up and watch “WWII” with us if you’d like some night. It is running for another week at least and comes on from 8-10pm. Also, please give us updates on the career coach. We all would love to hear their advice and words of wisdom about getting the right fit for our lives. Susan showed me the crunched car front and I think that you all should keep it and display it proudly as your own personal commitment to reducing, re-using and recycling. I am with you guys all the way about driving our cars until they beg us to let them die with dignity. It’s the only way to go as far as we all are concerned! Take care dear friends and neighbors and hey Tom, you really were at least 50% of the repair project to Margie’s mailbox–and you were very generous to give me and my big tools so much credit. What a great team we made huh. Is there anything in the world that can’t be done when you’ve got a Makita? I think not.
    In the words of one of America’s great elder statesman (Tigger from Winnie the Pooh)
    Ta Ta for now.

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