A fluff piece

Susan recently ended her day in a meeting with someone who reminded her of “The Devil Wears Prada” and wanted to go for a walk when she got home. Since it was already dark, the rain was pounding on the skylights and the wind was picking up, I couldn’t resist the offer to accompany her.

On a sunny day, Lincoln Park is a magnet for people from all over Seattle. A path along the water attracts many walkers, runners, and bikers, and even in crummy weather we usually see at least a handful of others braving the elements. Walking down to the park that evening we saw very few cars, let alone pedestrians.

It was so windy on the beach that it felt like we were walking into the blast of a firehose, and conversation was more shouting than talking. We walked out toward Colman Pool (see pics) – a good spot to watch storms sweep across Puget Sound from the southwest. Out at the point we encountered the storm’s full force. I never outgrew my childhood enjoyment of pulling my jacket over my head like a sail to see how far I can lean into the wind. Not this time: I might take off like a kite – and I didn’t have any string. We’d better keep walking. Actually, the wind at our backs pushed us into a run. Still no other walkers or runners in sight. About this time we also realized that my jacket and Susan’s rain pants were ‘water resistant’ and not ‘waterproof.’ These southwesterly winds are relatively warm, so it didn’t matter much that parts of us were already soaking wet.

The rest of the beach trail offered a little more shelter from the wind, and we could debrief Susan’s devilish encounter without having to yell to be heard. We saw one brave cyclist. By the time we reached the main road, the wind had subsided and the rain had stopped.

* * * * * * *

You know those corny clichés about being washed and purified by the rain, and the wind blowing away debris and non-essentials? I hate to admit it, but sometimes they work for me. We returned home invigorated and refreshed, with some of the hassles of the day last seen skipping across the waves in a northerly direction.


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