On February 9 voters in Washington State get a shot at good old grass roots politics. We can attend the Democratic or Republican caucus in our local precincts and – for Democrats – select delegates to represent us at the district caucus. It’s a chance to hear what your neighbors think, and for them to hear what you think.

In Seattle, precinct caucuses choose delegates to the legislative district caucus, which chooses delegates to the Congressional district caucus, and so on up the food chain. Most Republican delegates will be chosen based on Washington State’s Presidential Primary on February 19. For Democrats, the primary does not determine convention delegates, and the caucus is the only chance to participate in selecting the first round of delegates.

You can find the location of your caucus at the link above, and they start at 1:00 PM. I’ve asked Zack to come with me, as he shows some interest in politics (or at least in political cartoons). Hope you’ll take a few minutes of your Saturday to add your voice in shaping the presidential election campaign.


2 responses to “Caucus!

  1. Cool. I wish I had the opportunity to Caucus in Iowa, but the timing never worked out when I still had residency. I cast my vote yesterday in the CA democratic primary, which was nice in its own way. Went with my generational gut. Put the past behind us.

  2. I’m also going with your generational gut, Greg. I and the rest of the Boomers owe you and your generation a huge apology for producing the current occupant of the White House.

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