Blowin’ in the wind

Family and friends of our dear friend Scott gathered in Yosemite last week to scatter his ashes. The cremated remains had been placed in three bags for various members of the party to distribute as they wished. Scott’s lovely widow and a friend sat together at the top of a waterfall. Just as she emptied the contents of her bag over the edge of the falls, a breeze came up and blew the ashes back into their faces, eyes, noses, mouths, and hair.

I can’t help but think of how much Scott would have enjoyed this. In fact, he very well may have helped to engineer the moment. That the two women burst out laughing shows how well they loved and understood him. What a friend – even cracking ‘in your face’ jokes from beyond the grave.


2 responses to “Blowin’ in the wind

  1. I totally see Scott in that moment. He is missed.

  2. Yes, I think Scott had a part in that, and I bet he was laughing the whole time!

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