Even better than we thought

When we last visited the issue of selecting a high school for our Lovely and Capable Daughter (LCD), the Wise and Mature Parents (WMP) had made a bold decision that did not initially sit well with LCD.  The WMP anticipated and prepared for some ‘blowback.’  It came, and we gained valuable experience in standing firm.

Knowing that LCD does best when she feels connected to people around her, WMP signed her up for August crew camp with others from her new school.  She began meeting and making new friends right and left, and even wore the school’s sweatshirt in public.  By the time classes started, LCD knew dozens of other students and was already identifying with the school.

Now with a few weeks of classes under her belt, WMP happily report that LCD loves school.  She continues to form new friendships and has an outstanding group of teachers.  Solid study habits she established in middle school enable her to keep up with homework and assignments.  WMP even heard her adjuring Zack not to let schoolwork pile up until the last minute.

I feel as though I am watching my LCD in the midst of a major bloom.  As with earlier blooms, this one reveals more of her capability and beauty and competence and grace and strength – stop me here.  LCD is doing an exceptional job of navigating a big transition in  her life, managing her time, making new friends, keeping track of old friends, and rising to all kinds of new challenges.  Room’s a mess, but in the important things, I couldn’t be more proud of her.


2 responses to “Even better than we thought

  1. Hi there,
    I found your blog through the West Seattle Blog and wanted to commend you on a job well done with your daughter! Making choices that our kids are unhappy with at first in order to trust our instincts about what they will eventually grow to love are some of the most difficult decisions to make. Bravo for sticking to your gut-level on this one. My daughter attends Holy Names, which was actually where she wanted to go, and I was the one who had reservations about her going to an all-girls Catholic high school, but she loves it! I had the opposite situation, where I had to trust her and my fiance, who were on the same page with HNA, and it didn’t fit my picture of where I saw her thriving. Life is funny and unexpected sometimes. Yay for good parenting on your part.

  2. Amazing! I’m so glad.

    Let me tell you how great it is to watch parenting in action… I’m taking copious notes for the future!

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