Congratulations, America!

Barack Obama

Wow – what a thrill!


3 responses to “Congratulations, America!

  1. Hey, I was thinking about you last night and this morning… I can tell you that folks here in Ghana are happy. And very proud to have an African as president of the USA.

    I just pray for his safety and for a good cabinet.

    Enjoyed catching up on your blog just now, Tom. Keep it up!

    Thrilled about Lauren and how school is going for her. Way to go, WMP!!!

    Love you guys, Dar

  2. And here’s what we heard from a dear friend in Nairobi:

    What a day! What a night! Tomorrow (Thursday) has been declared a Kenyan national public holiday in Obama’s honor.. Some of us started watching the returns from 3:00 a.m. today, – I took the kids over to a hotel on the other side of town where about 25-30 of us gathered to hold vigil together with CNN throughout the returns. We were African Americans from New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and California, White Americans from Seattle, the Mid-West, the south and the north, a Native American, a number of Kenyans who have spent time in the US, one of whom is from the same area as Obama’s Kenyan family and who had run for MP here, one Brit (who said he was incredibly jealous of us who can say we are Americans right now), 3 kids who are Kenyan but now also American, two mixed race couples from the States who are here – and we cried and cheered, held our breath, – at the end we sang and prayed together – and toasted. It’s just so so so amazing – hard to actually believe that we are today where we are as a nation and as a world.

    On a light note, when my kids heard Obama announce that his two daughters had now earned that puppy that will join them in the White House – they immediately turned to me and said, “And now because of Obama, can WE now get that puppy that we keep asking for?” (I told them WE’RE not in the White House.) I don’t know how much of all the emotion they were watching actually made sense to them, but at least I know they were listening! Cheers!

  3. But from Iraq, the news is a little different:

    “Iraqis didn’t dance in the streets or hold late-night viewing parties to herald the election of a new president of the United States. Many didn’t have electricity to follow the television coverage of Barack Obama’s ascent to president-elect.”

    Time for a change!

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