Snow flakes

Beautiful snow brings out the dark side when people get behind the wheel.  Consider these snow flakes:

My Way or the Highway Flakes. Even after several days of snow and sub-freezing temperatures, these charter buses weren’t chained up.  Denny Way, a main arterial, was closed because of ice, so the first bus opted for a steep, icy side street instead.  Unable to stop on the ice, it slid into a guardrail.  Bus #2 followed, crashing into the first and pushing it through the guardrail.  Both buses hung 20 feet above I-5 in the middle of downtown as 80 screaming kids scrambled to get out.

Definition of Insanity Flake. As soon as the tires started to slip, a driver trying to go up our street would hit the gas, get his wheels really spinning, and lose control of his car.  Backing into driveways or all the way to the bottom of the hill, he repeated one unsuccessful run after another.  After his tenth attempt, I went out to the driver and offered to try it for him.  “I think I’m doing fine,” came the reply.  “I’ve almost got it.”  Alrighty then.

Clueless in Seattle Flake. Coming up from a walk in Lincoln Park, I joined several others pushing a car that was stuck in the parking lot.  Turned out that the driver had no idea of what he was doing.  Slipping a little to the left, he’d crank his wheels all the way to the right.  We pushed from behind, he’d put the car in reverse.  Eventually he fishtailed out of the parking lot, leaving the other good samaritans and me to wonder if we had actually helped anyone.

Knowing that drivers like these are out on the roads is one of the best reasons to stay home.  If you have to go out, please be extra, extra careful!


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