No, not that kind of supporter…

I had a job interview yesterday.  In anticipation of it, I emailed a number of friends and family members to ask for their prayers and ‘good thoughts.’

The responses to this simple request were overwhelming, one more crystal-clear reminder that God has filled my life with people whose generosity toward me and others is beyond my ability to measure.  A few samples:

I was just thinking about you and this position earlier this evening. May God confirm this position for you, Tom.

I can feel the stars aligning now, Tom.

Right on, Tom.  What a catch that’d be–I’ll be praying.

Let us know how far you knock it out of the park.

See what I mean?  Two results were immediately apparent:  1) the hour-plus conversation was relaxed, informative, and enjoyable.  Seemed to me that it went well;  and 2) I came to the interview all wrapped up in the love of God as expressed in the support and encouragement of friends and family.  This is an awesome offset to the potential stress of an interview, and I highly recommend it for other job seekers!

I would be delighted to make it to the next round of interviews and hope to hear something soon.  Meanwhile, the search goes on and I’m newly mindful of God’s gifts of provision in times of need.


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