…and to The Republic

“The Republic” is a Seattle indie rock band.  Following are excerpts from my note to one of the band members.

I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed seeing The Republic’s performance last Saturday evening.  Here’s a little background:

  • Susan and I are both 57.
  • She is not as much of a rocker as I am.  In 23+ years of marriage I have never come home to find her with the stereo cranked up.
  • She told me during the day on Saturday that she’d probably want to leave the show early.
  • Lauren (15) and Zack (13) are pretty sure that most things we like would be real snoozers for them.

Well – we all stayed for the whole show and:

  • Susan loved every minute of it.
  • The kids enjoyed hearing and seeing the band.
  • Zack has loaded Kingdom of Noise onto his iPod.
  • He’s more interested than ever in playing drums, and will have the youth group’s drum set at our house this summer.
  • Lauren came home from school the other day, thought the house was too quiet, and put on Kingdom of Noise.

I’m sure you guys get lots of positive feedback about your shows.  I think you’re in a class of your own.  As an old-timer, I lack the language to describe your genre and style, but there are tangible qualities of love, joy, and conviction – so much heart – coming through your music and stage presence.  I’d even say that I felt loved just seeing and listening to The Republic.  Quite different from a DEVO concert I attended years ago in which the members of the band actually got off the stage and walked on people in the audience!  I suppose their actions matched their beliefs.

. . . . . . . . . .

I’m a true blue fan and would be happy to do whatever I could to advance the cause of The Republic.


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