Man of the House

Whenever I’m away from home I designate Zack (14) as Man of the House, and charge him with being attentive, helpful, and extra responsive to things that need to be done.

I was away recently for our church guys retreat, and checked in with him by phone:

Hey, Bud – how’s the Man of the House?


Have you performed any special duties or feats?

Not really.  I caught a couple of burglars.

Oh, no!  Were they in the house?


How did they get in?

Through the dog’s pet door.*

* We don’t have a pet door or a dog, but the kids recently talked about a combination Bulldog and Shitsu.  Yes, Zack came up with a perfect name.

How old were they?

About ten.

Man – we’ve got to make that thing smaller or board it up altogether.  Did the police come?


So what happened?

I hit them with my Louisville Slugger and released them back into the wild.


Yeah.  Catch and release.


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