Clean floor

When we picked out the vinyl flooring for our kitchen a few years ago, we used one test to decide which pattern we wanted:   I swept up a dustpan full of kitchen debris and dumped it on each of the samples we’d brought home.   The winner was the one that looked most like our sample of dirt.

Since it’s not a hard or smooth surface, we now know that all of that dirt that doesn’t show gets ground into the little irregularities in the vinyl.   Nearly every summer Susan has quietly undertaken to scrub the kitchen floor clean; this year she asked Zack to take on the annual scouring project.   Seeing his initial reluctance, I jumped in.   After all, what could be more fun than father and son getting on our hands and knees together and putting all of our backs and muscles into scrubbing the kitchen floor?

We were both surprised to see the clear line between scrubbed and unscrubbed areas.   We took turns manning the brush and rinsing off the soapy water.    We managed to get half of the floor done before we pooped out (seems to me that Susan usually did the whole floor at one time), and we both slept like babies that night.

Finished the floor yesterday, and it looks mighty fine.    I removed a leaf from the dining room table so we could enjoy seeing more floor.   And Zack and I are looking for some of those sox that real estate agents make you put on before going into a brand-new house.   Now that we know what it takes to scrub that thing, we’re not going to put up with anyone tracking dirt onto our nice clean kitchen floor!


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