Old age or cabin fever?

You tell me:

  • Susan just finished scrubbing out the dishwasher when she spied an old container of Easy-Off oven cleaner under the kitchen sink. Going from one task right to the next, she began applying the cleaner to our oven, unleashing a powerful wave of chemical odor through the house. It was just above freezing outside, but we cranked the windows open and soon stopped coughing. By the way, our oven is self-cleaning.
  • The residue of Seattle’s infamous ‘Snowmageddon’ was quickly washing away in the rain, but I found myself shoveling slush in the street to create direct channels for water to reach storm drains. Didn’t occur to me until later that water finds its way to those drains every time it rains – without my help.
  • I got up on our almost-flat roof yesterday to make sure that snow wasn’t obstructing the downspouts. Strong winds blew in that night, and a tremendous crash about 3:00 AM reminded our household and neighbors that I’d forgotten to take down the extension ladder I’d used to climb onto the roof.

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