About me

I must be one of the most fortunate people alive.

Happily married to an extraordinary woman.  Father of two of the world’s Truly Great Kids.  Loved by a wonderful circle of friends.  Surrounded by the best neighbors.  Live in a beautiful part of a beautiful city.  Recipient of a good education.  Able to laugh about many things and can usually cry when I need to.  Get along with my in-laws.  Have been greatly helped by counseling.

Things I enjoy: being with people, writing, swimming, sailing, reading, skiing, biking, tinkering, hiking, camping (yikes – I’m not doing nearly enough of several of these). Things I don’t enjoy: meetings, having to exercise, talk radio, to do lists, wearing a tie, pro sports, taxes.

I have committed my life to Jesus and seek to follow him, which is the journey of a lifetime and then some.  It has nothing to do with being part of the ‘religious right.’  We enjoy worshiping and learning with other flawed human beings at a non-denominational church in Seattle.  Things I write about reflect my studies of scripture, battles with my own selfishness and depravity, work with refugees, work in general, experience as a husband and a dad, joys and sorrows I’ve known, experience with friends, years of observing and attempting to understand the world around me, and – I hope – a sense of humor.


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