About my blog

Thanks for checking this out.

I’ve got some good stories – and you do, too – that need to be circulated for the sake of encouragement, laughter, clearer thinking, and better ideas.  I offer glimpses here into married life; parenting (we have two young adult kids); funny, sad, wonderful, and painful experiences we’ve been through; faith; technology; and other assorted topics.  In a surprising nod to civility, I removed almost all of the political and consumer commentaries that were posted earlier.  If contemporary culture ever runs short of long-winded bellicosity, I can post them again, but for now we’ll try to do without.

Hope you find things to smile or laugh or cry or think about.  Please feel free to comment – I’d be happy to know what you think.



One response to “About my blog

  1. Welcome to the wide world of blogging! Consider yourself “bookmarked”!

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