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Kindness + attitude = Zack

When Zack answered a call yesterday, the caller asked if she had reached “Emily.” Zack inquired as to who was calling. “Sharon” identified herself and said she was calling for Emily.

Zack – whose voice is deeper than mine – said, “Sharon, do I sound to you like an Emily?”

When Sharon realized she had a wrong number and apologized, Zack responded, “It’s okay, Sharon. I forgive you.”

Sharon ended this perfect moment by hanging up.


Tell me again what’s wrong with Google Docs…

Got this email this morning…

…clicked on the Excel Web App link and this came up:

I guess there are a few things that can change or go missing when you use Office Web Apps, too.

My life as a cartoon

Most of us have a pretty good idea of how hard to squeeze a ketchup bottle. But one afternoon in a cafe near the university where I work, applying that much pressure and a little more still wasn’t working. The bottle was full and the nozzle was not clogged.

I set the bottle squarely on the counter and squeezed with both hands. That did it: a stream of ketchup shot almost three feet into the air and came down on top of my head. By some minor miracle no one in the sandwich shop was looking my way at that moment. It took three napkins to blot up the ketchup before returning to my class.

Seattle + snow

Take a moment to consider these beautiful scenes – probably unfolding in your neighborhood right now – before getting in your car today:


It’s a new year…

I’d hoped to do some writing over Christmas but ended up battling with two old computers, both of which died.  In some instances, killing one’s opponent might count as a victory, but this was not a win for me.  After spending several hundred dollars and many hours, we’re up and running again with a new computer and I forfeited one good excuse for not writing.  Stay tuned.

Engineers in the kitchen

What do you get when an engineer applies the engineering mind to his or her culinary skills?  This:

Lindsay is one of our favorite people, and he brought us a dinner recently that included this pan of rosemary potatoes.  As you can see, they were all the same size and even the slightest imperfections had been removed.

It seemed a pity to eat a work of art – until we took our first bite.  They disappeared in short order after that, and they were d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.

Thanks again, Lindsay!  You’re the man.

…and a blue heron in a fir tree

Susan was looking out of a kitchen window when what to her wondering eyes should appear but a great blue heron flying across the street.  The bird took a right turn and flew up the driveway next to us, then parked in a fir tree where it remained for the rest of the day.

A neighbor with a telephoto lens observed that the bird appeared to have an injured shoulder.  Happy to report that when she saw it in the same tree a few days later it looked much better.  These pictures were taken from outside our dining room: