Tell me again what’s wrong with Google Docs…

Got this email this morning…

…clicked on the Excel Web App link and this came up:

I guess there are a few things that can change or go missing when you use Office Web Apps, too.


My life as a cartoon

Most of us have a pretty good idea of how hard to squeeze a ketchup bottle. But one afternoon in a cafe near the university where I work, applying that much pressure and a little more still wasn’t working. The bottle was full and the nozzle was not clogged.

I set the bottle squarely on the counter and squeezed with both hands. That did it: a stream of ketchup shot almost three feet into the air and came down on top of my head. By some minor miracle no one in the sandwich shop was looking my way at that moment. It took three napkins to blot up the ketchup before returning to my class.

Old age or cabin fever?

You tell me:

  • Susan just finished scrubbing out the dishwasher when she spied an old container of Easy-Off oven cleaner under the kitchen sink. Going from one task right to the next, she began applying the cleaner to our oven, unleashing a powerful wave of chemical odor through the house. It was just above freezing outside, but we cranked the windows open and soon stopped coughing. By the way, our oven is self-cleaning.
  • The residue of Seattle’s infamous ‘Snowmageddon’ was quickly washing away in the rain, but I found myself shoveling slush in the street to create direct channels for water to reach storm drains. Didn’t occur to me until later that water finds its way to those drains every time it rains – without my help.
  • I got up on our almost-flat roof yesterday to make sure that snow wasn’t obstructing the downspouts. Strong winds blew in that night, and a tremendous crash about 3:00 AM reminded our household and neighbors that I’d forgotten to take down the extension ladder I’d used to climb onto the roof.

Seattle + snow

Take a moment to consider these beautiful scenes – probably unfolding in your neighborhood right now – before getting in your car today:


It’s a new year…

I’d hoped to do some writing over Christmas but ended up battling with two old computers, both of which died.  In some instances, killing one’s opponent might count as a victory, but this was not a win for me.  After spending several hundred dollars and many hours, we’re up and running again with a new computer and I forfeited one good excuse for not writing.  Stay tuned.


I plucked this beautiful thing from one of the Momotaro vines in our garden today.  Edgar said it best in Act V, Scene II of King Lear:  “Ripeness is all.”


Daddy’s little girl…

Doesn’t seem like that long ago that we brought her home from the hospital as a baby…   Our friend Nathaniel Solis took these photos.